Historic World Events / September / U.S. forces seize more of New Guinea
U.S. forces seize more of New Guinea

U.S. forces seize more of New Guinea

On today in 1943, Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s 503rd Parachute Regiment land and occupy Nazdab, just east of Lae, a port city in northeastern Papua New Guinea, situating them for future operations on the hawaiian islands perfectly.

New Guinea have been occupied by the Japanese due to the fact March 1942. Raids by Allied forces in early stages were met with tremendous ferocity, plus they have already been typically beaten back by the Japanese occupiers. Much of the Allied response was led by forces from Australia, because they have already been most threatened by the current presence of the Japanese for the reason that sphere.

The tide began to submit December 1942, because the Australians recaptured Buna-but despite numerical superiority, the Japanese continued to hold on, fighting to carry each and every square mile that they had captured. Many Japanese committed suicide, swimming out to sea, instead of be studied prisoner. In January 1943, the Americans joined the Aussies in assaults on Sanananda, which led to enormous losses for the Japanese-7,000 killed-and the 1st land defeat of the war. As Japanese reinforcements raced for another Allied targets, Lae and Salamauam, in March, 137 American bombers destroyed the Japanese transport vessels, drowning 3,500 Japanese, as as their significantly-necessary fuel and spare components effectively.

On September 8, virtually 2,000 American and Australian Airborne Division parachutists landed and seized Nazdab, which held a good airfield. The Allies rapidly established a functioning airstrip and ready to take the port city of Lae, 1 a lot more part of MacArthur’s strategy to recapture New Guinea and the Solomons-and at some time return back for the Philippines.

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