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The Bay City Rollers make their U.S. debut on Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell

The Bay City Rollers make their U.S. debut on Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell

In the autumn of 1975, NBC premiered a brand-new late-evening comedy-selection plan that along with launching the careers of John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd and an whole generation of comic actors, would also give America its first contact with a few of the era’s greatest up-and-coming musical acts. That show, so even, had not been known as Saturday Night Live-at least not at first. That name was already taken by a plan that premiered monthly earlier than NBC’s Saturday Night on a competing network, ABC. NBC’s Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell made its first broadcast with this day in 1975, featuring a heavily hyped overall performance by a pop group Cosell compared openly to the Beatles: Scotland’s tartan-clad teenybopper sensations the Bay City Rollers.

The Bay City Rollers have already been generating their U.S. television debut in headlining the premiere of Howard Cosell’s Saturday Night Live on September 20, 1975, however they have been a massive phenomenon in the united kingdom currently, where their every single move was becoming greeted by the sort of hysteria not noticed because the height of Beatlemania. All over Great Britain in 1975, teenage girls have already been dressing in the Rollers’ trademark plaid, snapping up records like “I Only Want To Be With You” and “Saturday Night” and screaming dutifully whenever the shag-sporting heartthrobs showed their faces in public areas. It was scenes specifically such as this in 1963 England that inspired Ed Sullivan to create the Beatles to America for his or her historic tv debut in February 1964. In September 1975, nevertheless, the magic would prove a lot more fleeting for Mr. Cosell and his would-be British invaders.

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Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell would final only 3 months before becoming cancelled, although its host would continue his distinctive profession in broadcasting for another 2 decades with ABC Sports. The Bay City Rollers, meanwhile, learned the tough way concerning the dangers inherent in staking their accomplishment on the affections of the Tiger Beat demographic. Millions of American preteens did go mad about plaid and the irresistible stutter-step rhythm of “Saturday Night,” but like the majority of first crushes, Rollermania was intense but brief. Within 18 months of these television debut and their unofficial anointment as America’s most kissable new stars, Alan, Derek, Eric, Woody and Les of the Bay City Rollers have already been at the very least two crushes old because of their when-loyal group of fans, whose college binders now proclaimed their enjoy for new acts with names like Shaun Cassidy and Andy Gibb.

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