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Gestapo headquarters targeted in Norway

Gestapo headquarters targeted in Norway

On today in 1942, British bombers try to take out the neighborhood headquarters of the German secret state police, the Gestapo, in Norway. They miss-but send some Nazis operating because of their lives.

Germany invaded Norway in April 1940, in a sensational blitzkrieg campaign, a reply to Britain’s laying of mines in Norwegian waters-which was itself a reply to Norway’s iron-ore trade with the Axis power. But within a brief month, the British and French troops that had landed in Norway to greatly help in its defense were chased out, in addition to Norway’s royal household, who create a government-in-exile in London. The Germans immediately established a Reich commissioner to rule the occupied territory. The commissioner outlawed all political parties but one-the pro-Nazi National Unity Party. It was led by Vidkun Quisling, the former Norwegian minister of war. His name would become synonymous with acquiescence and collaboration. Quisling, now a German puppet, ruled as a Nazi wannabe, an overlord who brook no dissent, even sending thousands of his own countrymen to German concentration camps. A majority of Norwegians despised both Quisling and his German masters. Teachers and clergy resigned their positions in the state-sponsored church in order not to be implicated in the new fascist regime.

One implies of maintaining defiant locals of newly occupied nations under manage was the use of the Gestapo. An office was usually set up in conquered nations to terrorize the populace. On September 25, throughout a Nazi Party rally in Oslo, British aircraft, aiming to destroy the records of the Norwegian Resistance (kept in Gestapo headquarters, but not as however acted upon), bombed the developing. The bombs missed their target, but surrounding buildings had been hit, and four men and women have been killed. The Brits did place a scare into the Nazis, though even, who ran from the populous city, leaving their Party’s rally in ruins.

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