Historic World Events / September / Arnold orders burning of New London
Arnold orders burning of New London

Arnold orders burning of New London

On today in 1781, British Brigadier General Benedict Arnold, a former Patriot officer currently infamous and a whole lot maligned for betraying the United States the sooner year, increases his notoriety by ordering his British command to burn New London, Connecticut.

The Continental Army have been utilizing New London to store a big stash of military supplies, but only stationed Captain Adam Sharpley and a contingent of 24 Continental soldiers there to guard it. General Arnold’s British soldiers, with support from the area’s Loyalists, rapidly overwhelmed Captain Sharpley and the Continentals, who had no other alternative but to retreat and leave New London and the military supplies unguarded.

After looting the city, Arnold ordered his British soldiers to create fire to every single developing, evoking the equivalent of a lot more than $500,000 in damages. Benedict Arnold was currently despised through the entire colonies for his try to sell the Patriot fort at West Point, New York, to the British in 1780 for a bribe of £20,000. The burning of New London sealed his reputation as a public enemy and his name became a synonym in frequent American parlance for “traitor.” The bravery and military prowess Arnold had previously demonstrated with respect to the Patriots at Ticonderoga and Quebec in 1775 have already been totally overshadowed by his later actions contrary to the nation he previously once so valiantly served.

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