Historic World Events / September / Antiwar sentiment increases
Antiwar sentiment increases

Antiwar sentiment increases

An advertisement headed “A Call To Resist Illegitimate Authority,” signed by over 320 influential folks (professors, writers, ministers, along with other skilled people), seems in the New Republic and the New York Review of Books, requesting funds to aid youths resist the draft.

In Washington, Senator Thurston B. Morton (Republican from Kentucky), told reporters that President Johnson have been “brainwashed” by the “military-industrial complex” into believing a military victory could possibly be accomplished in Vietnam. Johnson felt the sting of such criticism and he was also annoyed by contradictory tips from his advisors. Still, he believed that slow and steady progress was becoming manufactured in Vietnam predicated on optimistic reports appearing out of the U.S. military headquarters in Saigon. General Westmoreland, Commander of U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam, reported that U.S. operations was keeping the Viet Cong off balance and inflicting heavy losses. Still, the house front was crumbling as Johnson came below increasingly private attacks for his handling of the war. The circumstance would reach a essential state once the communists launched an integral surprise attack on January 31 through the 1968 Tet vacation, the standard Vietnamese vacation celebrating the lunar new year.

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