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Aldous Huxley is hired at Eton

Aldous Huxley is hired at Eton

On today in 1917, 23-year-old Aldous Huxley, future writer of Brave New World is hired as a schoolmaster at Eton. One of his pupils will undoubtedly be Eric Blair, who’ll later utilize the pen name George Orwell.

Huxley was created right into a prominent household. His grandfather was a favorite biologist and proponent of Darwin, and his father was a respected biographer. Huxley hoped to cultivate to become a scientist like his grandfather, but his dreams have been shattered whenever a healthcare situation robbed him of all of his sight despite the fact that he was students at Eton.

Barely able to study, he nevertheless graduated from Oxford in 1916, year his initial book appeared the same. The following year, he started teaching. His close to-blindness disqualified him from service in World War I. From 1919 to 1921, he edited a publication called Athenaeum. In 1919, he previously and married an individual son. The family moved to Italy in 1920 and lived the majority of the subsequent several decades there despite the fact that traveling extensively. His satirical novels Crome Yellow (1921) and Antic Hay (1923) have already been profitable, and he wrote regular for the others of his life, churning out 47 books and numerous articles, essays, and screenplays.

His 1928 book, Point Counterpoint, became a bestseller, and in 1932 he published his masterwork Brave New World, which he wrote in four months. The book paints a dark vision of another where person emotion, creativity, and impulse have already been subordinated to the tyrannical state totally.

In 1937, Huxley moved to California, where he became a screenwriter. His screenplays include Pride and Prejudice (1940), starring Laurence Olivier, and Jane Eyre (1944). In the 1950s, Huxley became a proponent of the controlled usage of psychedelic drugs to liberate the thoughts. He wrote two books about his experiences utilizing LSD and mescaline below supervision: The Doors of Perception (inspiring the name of the rock group The Doors) and Heaven and Hell. Huxley’s 1st wife died in 1955, and he remarried in 1956. His 1962 novel, Island, envisioned a utopian society wherever psychedelic drugs are used for religious rituals. Huxley died in Los Angeles in 1963.

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