Historic World Events / October / President Johnson announces bombing halt
President Johnson announces bombing halt

President Johnson announces bombing halt

In a televised address to the country five days prior to the presidential election, President Lyndon Johnson announces that based on developments in the Paris peace negotiations, he’s got ordered the comprehensive cessation of “all air, naval, and artillery bombardment of North Vietnam.” Accordingly, efficient November 1, the U.S. Air Force referred to as a halt to the air raids on North Vietnam referred to as Operation Rolling Thunder.

The President further disclosed that Hanoi had finally decided to allow South Vietnamese government to take part in the peace talks. Johnson said that the United States would consent to a function for the National Liberation Front, although he stated that the latter concession “in no way involves recognition of the National Liberation Front in any form.” The National Liberation Front (or Viet Cong, since it was more popularly known) was the classic Communist front organization that incorporated each Communists and non-Communists who had banded with one another in opposition contrary to the Saigon regime. Domestically, President Johnson’s action drew widespread acclaim both key presidential candidates expressed their full assistance. The reaction in Saigon, so even, was considerably a lot more subdued President Thieu issued a communiqué declaring that the United States had acted unilaterally in its selection to prevent the bombing.

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