Historic World Events / October / CBS broadcasts the premiere episode of “Route 66″
CBS broadcasts the premiere episode of “Route 66″

CBS broadcasts the premiere episode of “Route 66″

On October 7, 1960, the 1st bout of the a single-hour television drama “Route 66″ airs on CBS. The program had a simple premise: It followed two young men, Buz Murdock and Tod Stiles, as they drove across the country in an inherited Corvette (Chevrolet was one of the show’s sponsors), doing odd jobs and looking for adventure. According to the show’s creator and writer, Stirling Silliphant (best known for his acclaimed “Naked City,” a youthful Television series), Buz and Tod have already been genuinely on a journey searching for themselves. “Call ‘Route 66′ ‘Pilgrim’s Progress,’” Silliphant told a reporter. “The motive power driving our two characters is not a Corvette: it is the desire for knowledge–and for sentience; it is a quest through the perennially fascinating cosmos of personal identity.”

“Route 66″ was not the same as one another show on tv. For 1 factor, it had been shot on place all around the United States rather than in a studio. By enough time its run was up in 1964, the show’s cast and crew had traveled from Maine to Florida and from Los Angeles to Toronto: In all, they taped 116 episodes in 25 states. (Silliphant himself attained all of the show’s locations six weeks before anyone else. ( **********************) got there, he’d acquaint himself with neighborhood culture and create the scripts on-web site.) The show was a crucial drama with social-realist pretensions, but its nomadic premise meant that it might tackle a fresh issue-war, mental illness, religion, murder, drug addiction, week drought-every. By contrast, police procedurals and hospital dramas had an even more limited variety necessarily. The show’s stark black-and-white cinematography was likewise suitable for its critical tone.

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The true Route 66 was a two-lane highway that ran from Chicago to Los Angeles. From its completion in the late 1930s, it had been a definite of the primary routes over the American Southwest. It was also probably probably the most renowned: John Steinbeck called it the “Mother Road” in his book “The Grapes of Wrath,” and Nat King Cole’s version of songwriter Bobby Troup’s 1946 song “(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66″ is nevertheless familiar to varied individuals nowadays.

In 1993, NBC created a peppier, significantly less gritty remake of the show-in truth, concerning the only point both “Route 66″s had in typical was the Corvette-but it went off the air following just a few episodes. Today, fans of the initial can observe it on DVD.

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