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Reluctant Patriot Edward Rutledge is born

Reluctant Patriot Edward Rutledge is born

On today in 1749, Edward Rutledge, a definite of South Carolina’s representatives to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, exists in Charleston.

Contrary to nearly all his Congressional colleagues, Rutledge advocated patience pertaining to declaring independence. In a letter to John Jay, an individual of New York’s representatives who was simply similarly disinclined to rush a declaration, Rutledge worried whether moderates like himself and Jay could “effectually oppose” an answer for independence. Jay had urgent company in New York and for that reason was not in a position to be there for the debates.

Rutledge was the son of your physician who had emigrated from Ireland. Edward’s elder brother John studied law at London’s Middle Temple before returning to create a profitable practice in Charleston. Edward followed suit and studied initial at Oxford University ahead of getting admitted to the English bar at the Middle Temple. He also returned to Charleston, where he married and started a grouped family in a residence next door from his brother’s. As revolutionary politics roiled the colonies, initial John, then Edward served as South Carolina’s representative to the Continental Congress. Neither Rutledge brother was wanting to sever ties with Great Britain, nonetheless it fell to Edward to sign the Declaration of Independence to create the looks of unanimity and fortify the Patriots’ stand. At age 26, Edward Rutledge was the youngest American to really risk his neck by signing the document.

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