Historic World Events / November / Police search John Graham’s home and find bomb-making materials
Police search John Graham’s home and find bomb-making materials

Police search John Graham’s home and find bomb-making materials

FBI agents search the home of John Graham, a chief suspect in the United Airlines plane explosion that killed all 44 folks up to speed on November 1. The jet, which exploded shortly immediately after departing from Denver, contained a hole to the cargo hold and traces of dynamite residue close, suggesting a bomb was in charge of the crash. Within weekly, FBI agents began delving in to the background of everybody linked to the flight.

One of the passengers up to speed the flight, Daisie King, was a wealthy woman planing a trip to visit her daughter. Although the suitcase that she had checked-in have been obliterated by the explosion, her carry-on bag contained a newspaper clipping about her son, John Graham, who was simply involved with theft and forgery. When FBI agents questioned Graham on November 10, the detectives were told by him that his mother had packed shotgun ammunition in her suitcase. Graham’s wife provided much more intriguing information: before Graham took his mother to the airport, he previously placed a gift-wrapped package in her luggage, explaining that today’s was a jewelry tool kit. Graham denied any expertise of the gift however the FBI obtained a search warrant to research additional.

A search of the Graham home resulted in the ammunition that Mrs. King had allegedly packed, a little roll of copper wire, and a life insurance coverage for Mrs. King, naming Graham because the designated beneficiary. Graham’s wife later revealed he had ordered her to declare that she have been mistaken concerning the gift package.

Faced with mounting evidence against him, Graham suddenly confessed to planting a bomb in his mother’s suitcase. He told the agents he had taken employment within an electronics store to understand how exactly to construct the bomb, which contains 25 sticks of dynamite, a battery, and a timer. At his televised trial, Graham retracted his confession but was discovered guilty. He was executed in the gas chamber in January 1957.

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