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Cynthia Ann Parker is kidnapped

Cynthia Ann Parker is kidnapped

During a raid, Commanche, Kiowa, and Caddo Indians in Texas kidnap nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker and kill her family members. Adopted in to the Commanche tribe, she lived a happy life until Texas Rangers recaptured her and forced her to come back to reside once again among Anglo-Americans.

Silas and Lucy Parker moved their young family from Illinois to Texas in 1832. To protect themselves contrary to the hostile Indians in your community, they erected a solidly constructed civilian stockade about 40 miles east of present-day Waco that had become known as Parker’s Fort. The tall wooden stockade was reportedly with the capacity of holding off “a large enemy force” if appropriately defended. However, when no Indian attacks materialized for a number of months, the Parker family members and the relatives who joined them in the fort became careless. Frequently they left the bulletproof gates to the fort spacious for extended periods.

On today in 1836, numerous hundred Commanche, Kiowa, and Caddo Indians staged a surprise attack. During the ensuing battle, the Indians killed 5 of the Parkers. In the chaos, the Indians abducted nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker and 4 other white girls and kids. The Commanche and Caddo bands later divided girls and small children among them. The Commanche took Parker, and she lived using them for the next 25 years.

Like several Plains Indian tribes, the Commanche had extended engaged in the practice of kidnapping their enemy’s females and kids. Sometimes these captives have been treated like slaves who provided helpful perform and may be traded for useful goods. Often, although, captives became full-fledged members of the tribe eventually, if they have been kidnapped as small children specifically. Such was the case with Parker.

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Anglo-Texans initial found that the young girl might be alive 4 years later. A trader named Williams reported seeing Parker with a band of Commanche close to the Canadian River in northern Texas. He tried to obtain her release but failed. The Commanche Chief Pahauka permitted Williams to talk with the lady, but she stared at the bottom and refused to answer his queries. After 4 years, Parker apparently had grow to be familiar with Commanche methods and didn’t desire to leave. In 1845, two other white guys saw Parker, who was simply at that time 17 yrs . old. A Commanche warrior told them he was now her husband, and the males reported “she is unwilling to leave” and “she would run off and hide herself to avoid those who went to ransom her.”

Clearly, Parker had arrived at feel of herself as Commanche. By all accounts, her husband, a rising young warrior named Peta Nocona, treated her properly, and the couple was married. She gave birth to three youngsters, two boys and a woman, and Nocona was reportedly so happy with her he rejected the normal practice of taking several wives and remained monogamous.

Unfortunately, Nocona was also a warrior engaged in brutal war with the Anglo-American invaders, and he quickly attracted the wrath of the Texas Rangers for leading several profitable attacks on whites. In December 1860, a Ranger force attacked Nocona’s village. The Rangers mortally wounded Nocona and captured Parker and her daughter, Prairie Flower.

Returned to Anglo society against her will, Parker was taken up to her uncle’s farm in Birdville, Texas, where she attemptedto try to escape several instances exactly. However, with her husband dead and her adopted people fighting a losing battle to survive, Parker apparently resigned herself to an unhappy life among a women and men she no more understood. Prairie Flower, her an individual link with her old life, died of influenza and pneumonia in 1863. Depressed and lonely, Parker struggled on for seven a lot more years. Weakened by self-imposed starvation, she died of influenza in 1870.

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