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Confederates take Hazel Grove at Chancellorsville

Confederates take Hazel Grove at Chancellorsville

On today, General Joseph Hooker and the Army of the Potomac abandon a essential hill on the Chancellorsville battlefield in Virginia. The Union army was reeling following Confederate General Stonewall Jackson’s troops swung round the Union right flank and stormed from the woods on the evening of May 2, evoking the Federals to retreat some two miles ahead of stopping the Confederate advance. Nonetheless, Hooker’s forces have already been nonetheless able to deal a significant defeat to Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia given that they had a numerical benefit and a strategic position among Lee’s divided forces. But Lee had Hooker psychologically beaten.

Union forces controlled the main element geographical function in the Chancellorsville location: Hazel Grove, a hill that supplied a prime artillery location. General J.E.B. Stuart, the top of the Confederate cavalry, assumed short-term command of Stonewall Jackson’s corps immediately after Jackson was wounded the night time before (a wound that proved fatal seven days later) and planned to attack Hazel Grove another morning. This move was made much less difficult when Hooker made the critical mistake of ordering an evacuation of the hill.

Once Stuart’s artillery occupied Hazel Grove, the Confederates proceeded to wreak havoc on the Union lines around Chancellorsville. Rebel cannons shelled the Union line, and the fighting led to much more Union casualties than Jackson’s attack your day before. Hooker himself was wounded when an artillery shell struck the column he was leaning against. Stunned, Hooker took a go of brandy and ordered the retreat from the Chancellorsville location, which allowed Jackson’s guys to rejoin the majority of Lee’s troops. The daring flanking maneuver had worked. Hooker had didn’t exploit the divided Army of Northern Virginia, and allowed small Rebel force to defeat his numerically superior force.

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