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Henry V ascends upon father’s death

Henry V ascends upon father’s death

King Henry IV, the 1st English monarch of the Lancastrian dynasty, dies following years of illness, and his eldest son, Henry, ascends to the English throne.

In 1399, Henry Bolingbroke was crowned King Henry IV of England following forced abdication of King Richard II, who was simply significantly weakened by internal conflicts stemming from his quarrels with Parliament. In old age, Henry IV was a chronic invalid, and his son Henry presided a lot more than the king’s royal council. Young Henry also led armies against Owen Glendower and the Welsh rebels, and figured largely in the English victory a lot more than the Welsh at the Battle of Shrewdsbury.

After his ascendance to the throne in March 1413, the major effort of King Henry V’s reign was his claim, through his great-grandfather Edward III, to the French crown. In 1415, Henry invaded France and won a magnificent victory against wonderful odds at the Battle of Agincourt in northern France. By 1419, Normandy was once again beneath English handle, and in 1420 the Perpetual Peace of Troyes was concluded, below which Henry married Catherine of Valois, the daughter of King Charles VI of France, and was named regent of France and heir to the French throne. His triumph, nonetheless, was short-lived. During a siege of Melun and Meaux, his ill wellbeing grew worse, and in August 1422 Henry died of camp fever at Vincennes.

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