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Solar-energy system installed at White House

Solar-energy system installed at White House

President Jimmy Carter and incredibly first lady Rosalynn Carter climb to the White House roof to celebrate installing solar-energy panels there with this day in 1979.

Carter presided over a nation nonetheless experiencing the fallout of the 1973-74 Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) oil embargo. Carter, a proponent of option and sustainable energy sources, apply what he preached and, in June 1979, had a $28,000 solar-heating system installed on the White House roof. The technique contains 32 photovoltaic panels that generated sufficient energy to supply hot water for the whole White House. During his term Carter also had an energy-efficient wood-burning stove installed in the drafty White House residential quarters.

In 1986, President Reagan had the solar power panels removed and placed into a federal storage facility in Virginia, stating that the power crisis that had affected both foreign and domestic policy throughout Carter’s term wouldn’t normally be considered a element throughout their own. Both environmentally friendly organization Greenpeace and a college in Maine asked to really have the solar panels once they have been removed. As an October 2004 Associated Press write-up reported, Greenpeace’s obtain the panels, that they wanted to used in a homeless shelter, was rejected ultimately, and in 1992, the conservation-minded Unity College of Maine installed them to utilize for the generation of warm water in the student dining hall. Former President Carter sent a congratulatory note to the faculty saying he was glad the panels will be of some use.

By 2004, the solar power panels out had worn. Unity College kept an individual of the panels for “historical significance,” donated another panel to the Smithsonian Institute and presented the others on the market.

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