Historic World Events / June / Allies invade Syria and Lebanon
Allies invade Syria and Lebanon

Allies invade Syria and Lebanon

On today in 1941, British and Free French forces enter Syria and Lebanon in Operation Exporter.

In May, the pro-Axis Rashid Ali rose to energy in Iraq and refused allowing British maneuvers within his country relative to the Anglo-Iraqi Treaty of 1930. Britain rapidly restored the status quo ante by driving Ali and his followers out of Iraq. And to ensure that German military supplies shipped to Ali via Syria didn’t outcome in Axis handle of this nation and neighboring Lebanon, Britain made a decision to take preventive action. With Australian and Indian help, in adition to that of Free French forces, Britain invaded both Syria and Lebanon, fighting Vichy French garrisons loyal to Germany. Resistance lasted five weeks right before an armistice was lastly signed on July 14, giving the Allies manage of every Syria and Lebanon. Among these wounded in the fighting was the 26-year-old leader of Palestinian volunteer forces, Moshe Dayan, the near future hero in the fight for an unbiased Jewish state. He lost a watch.

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