Historic World Events / July / South Vietnamese troops raise flag over Quang Tri
South Vietnamese troops raise flag over Quang Tri

South Vietnamese troops raise flag over Quang Tri

Although South Vietnamese paratroopers hoist their flag over Quang Tri Citadel, they prove unable to hold the Citadel for lengthy or to secure Quang Tri City. Fighting outdoors the city remained intense. Farther south, South Vietnamese troops under heavy shelling was forced to abandon Fire Base Bastogne, which protected the southwest method to Hue.

North Vietnamese troops had captured Quang Tri City on May 1 as part of their Nguyen Hue Offensive (later called the “Easter Offensive”), a enormous invasion by North Vietnamese forces that had been launched on March 31. The attacking force integrated 14 infantry divisions and 26 separate regiments, with a much more than 120,000 troops and about 1,200 tanks and other armored vehicles. The principal North Vietnamese objectives, in addition to Quang Tri in the north, have now been Kontum in the Central Highlands, and An Loc farther towards the south.

Initially, the South Vietnamese defenders have been practically overwhelmed, in the northernmost provinces especially, where they abandoned their positions in Quang Tri. At Kontum and An Loc, the South Vietnamese were much more profitable in defending against the attacks, but only after weeks of bitter fighting. Although the defenders suffered heavy casualties, they managed to hold their personal with the aid of U.S. advisors and American airpower. Fighting continued all significantly more than South Vietnam into the summer season months.

The heavy fighting would continue in the location of Quang Tri and Hue till September, when the South Vietnamese forces lastly succeeded in recapturing Quang Tri. With the communist invasion blunted, President Nixon declared that the South Vietnamese victory proved the viability of his “Vietnamization” system, which he had instituted in 1969 to improve the combat capability of the South Vietnamese armed forces so U.S. troops could be withdrawn.

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