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First Marine wins Medal of Honor

First Marine wins Medal of Honor

Viet Cong ambush Company A of the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, led by U.S.M.C. Lt. Frank Reasoner of Kellogg, Idaho. The Marines have been on a sweep of a suspected Viet Cong area to deter any enemy activity targeted at the nearby airbase at Da Nang.

Reasoner and the 5-man point team he was accompanying have already been reduce faraway from the major body of the firm. He ordered his guys to lay out a base of fire and, exposing himself to enemy fire repeatedly, killed two Viet Cong, destroyed an enemy machine gun emplacement single-handedly, and raced through enemy fire to rescue his injured radio operator. Trying to rally his guys, Reasoner was hit by enemy machine gun fire and was killed immediately. For this step, Reasoner was nominated for America’s highest award for valor. When Navy Secretary Paul H. Nitze presented the Medal of Honor to Reasoner’s widow and son in ceremonies at the Pentagon on January 31, 1967, he spoke of Reasoner’s willingness to die for his men: “Lieutenant Reasoner’s complete disregard for his own welfare will long serve as an inspiring example to others.” Lieutenant Reasoner was the 1st Marine to get the Medal of Honor to use it in Vietnam.

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