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Battle of Atlanta continues

Battle of Atlanta continues

Confederate General John Bell Hood continues to try and drive General William T. Sherman from the outskirts of Atlanta when he attacks the Yankees on Bald Hill. The attack failed, and Sherman tightened his hang on Atlanta.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis had appointed Hood commander of the Army of Tennessee just 4 days prior to the engagement at Atlanta. Davis have been frustrated with the defensive campaign of the prior commander, Joseph Johnston, so he appointed Hood to operate a vehicle Sherman back North. Hood attacked Peachtree Creek on July 20, but he cannot break the Federals.

Two days later, Hood attempted once more at Bald Hill. The Union force below Sherman contains 3 armies: James McPherson’s Army of the Tennessee, John Schofield’s Army of the Ohio, and George Thomas’ Army of the Cumberland. Thomas’ force pressed on Atlanta from the north, at Peachtree Creek, although McPherson swung to Atlanta’s eastern fringe to slice the Georgia Railroad, which ran to Decatur. Hood struck at McPherson on July 22, but many issues blunted the Confederate attack. The broken, rugged terrain produced coordination difficult, and the attack, for dawn which have been planned, didn’t commence until following noon. Most critical, and unbeknownst to Hood, McPherson east extended his line. The Confederates had assembled along a line-which they believed was behind the Union flank-but was now directly before fortified Federal soldiers. Hood’s guys briefly breached the Union line, but cannot contain the position. The day ended with no a considerable modify in the positioning of both armies.

For the next amount of time in three days, Hood didn’t break the Union hang on Atlanta. His already-outnumbered army fared poorly. He lost a lot more than 5,000 guys, as the Union suffered 3,700 casualties. Among them was General McPherson, who was simply killed while scouting the lines throughout the battle. He was 1 of the very most respected and promising commanders in the Union army.

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