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Coming of Age Day - Japan

Coming of Age Day – Japan

The approaching old festival (Seijin no Hello there ) is celebrated on the next Mon in January. Until the 90s, january it used to be celebrated on 15.

Your day honors young Japan who’ll reach age 20 at any true point through the year. Twenty-three is age bulk in Japan, and folks who’ve reached the right be gained by this age to vote in elections as well concerning drink.

Right after governments will often have a ceremony known as seijin shiki ( mature ceremony) to homenaje the “new adults”. The wedding ceremony is carried each day and every one of the teenagers who reside in the region are invited to attend. Authorities officials give speeches, and small gifts are handed out to the new partners.

Coming of Age day remains a popular holiday, but Japan’s reduction in human population financial growth in recent years means that smaller amount people are looking 20 – only 1 1. 25 shades in 2013 compared to almost increase that at the start of the 1970’s.

Strategies is Coming of Age Day well known?
Women celebrate the day by donning special kimonos in which the sleeves are long, compared to the dress with shorter outter portions that is worn by aged, engaged to be married women. A bunch of women will also wear hakama (baggy trousers ).

Numerous young woman is not able to put on a dress themselves, and have to go to a dress kitsuke who dresses them. They also go to a hairdressers to have their hair done the day before or early in the morning . Quite women rent their kimonos because of the price of buying one.

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Most people young men wear business suits, although men dressed in dark-colored kimonos is seen sometimes. Severely, It really is a significantly less expensive day for the teenagers than the ladies.

Arriving to old Day is a vacation since 1948. The present day legal age group of 20 as adult life was set up in 1876. Once known as ‘Genpuku’, the arriving of age wedding ceremony is a custom that predates this by some distance, however the age to become a grown-up was much younger – 15 for boys and 13 for women traditionally.

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