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Two ships sink in North Sea battle

Two ships sink in North Sea battle

On the afternoon of February 29, 1916, each the British armed merchant ship Alcantara and the German raider Grief sink after engaging almost every other in a close-range battle on the North Sea.

The German raider Grief was in disguise, flying below the Norwegian flag sufficient reason for Norwegian colors displayed on its sides, when it attemptedto run a British blockade. The Alcantara, nonetheless beneath the impression that the Grief was a Norwegian shipping vessel, was delivered to investigate. The Grief didn’t react to repeated attempts at communication from Captain Thomas E. Wardle of the Alcantara and continued heading northeast. When Captain Wardle ordered the ship to avoid to become inspected, the crew of the Grief swiftly lowered the Norwegian colors and raised the German flag before it opened fire on the surprised crew of the Alcantara, who returned fire swiftly.

The battle raged for 12 agonizing minutes at close range. The Alcantara lost 74 men in the battle the Grief lost practically 200. By enough time another British armed merchant ship, the Andes, arrived, both ships have been damaged badly. On fire and sinking speedily, the desperate Grief fired a definite final torpedo, striking the Alcantara. Both ships ultimately sank. The crew of the Andes found the survivors of both ships, taking a lot more than 120 German prisoners.

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