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South Vietnam requests more support

South Vietnam requests more support

The South Vietnamese government requests that Washington double U.S. Military Assistance and Advisory Group (MAAG-Vietnam) strength from 342 to 685. The advisory group was formed on November 1, 1955 to provide military help South Vietnam. It had replaced U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group Indochina (MAAG-Indochina), which have been supplying military help “the forces of France and the Associated States in Indochina” (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) relative to President Harry S. Truman’s order of June 27, 1950.

MAAG-Vietnam had U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps components that provided suggestions and assist with the South Vietnamese Ministry of Defense, Joint General Staff and corps and division commanders, as concerning training centers and province and district headquarters effectively.

In May 1964, MAAG-Vietnam was disbanded and its own personnel and responsibilities absorbed by the U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV), which have been established in Saigon 2 yrs earlier.

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