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South Korean troops withdrawn

South Korean troops withdrawn

South Korea pulls 11,000 troops out of Vietnam within its program to withdraw most of its 48,000 troops from the united states.

The South Korean contingent had begun arriving in country on February 26, 1965, as part of the Free World Military Forces, an work by President Lyndon B. Johnson to enlist allies for the United States and South Vietnam. By securing help from other nations, Johnson hoped to generate a global consensus behind his policies in Vietnam. The effort was also named the “many flags” system. At the height of the Korean commitment in 1969, there were a lot more than 47,800 Korean soldiers actively involved with combat operations in South Vietnam.

The South Korean troop withdrawal reflected the trend amongst other Free World Military Force participants, who had withdrawn or have been needs to withdraw their troops currently, following lead of the United States since it drastically decreased its troops commitment in South Vietnam.

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