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James Brown begins his prison sentence

James Brown begins his prison sentence

Legendary singer James Brown, also defined as the “Godfather of Soul” and the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business,” becomes inmate number 155413 at the State Park Correctional Institute in South Carolina. Brown had had several run-ins with regulations throughout the summertime time of 1988 that landed him on probation, but his reckless spree on September 24 led to several criminal charges, such as for example battery and assault with intent to kill.

On September 24, Brown entered an insurance plan seminar in Augusta, Georgia, armed with a shotgun and a pistol, and ordered everybody to leave. He then became popular in his pickup and attemptedto outrun police, who chased him into South Carolina and back to Georgia. Even after police had shot out 3 of his tires, Brown continued to operate a vehicle on wheel rims till he finished up in a ditch six miles later on. After the incident, Brown’s wife, Adrienne, mentioned he was on medication for jaw surgery and was “not in his right mind.”

Although numerous cops claimed they shot out Brown’s tires since he previously attemptedto run them over, Brown provided a definite version of the story. He claimed that whilst he was along the way of surrendering to a black officer, several white policemen who had just arrived began smashing the windows of Brown’s truck. Purportedly fearing for his life, Brown then became popular since the officers started firing. Brown, that year who had currently been charged with carrying a pistol and PCP possession earlier, was sentenced to six years and half a year in prison on charges of failing woefully to cease for a officer and aggravated assault. After his release 3 years later, he were able to stay out of problems for a although and also continued tour, which-considering his wild stage antics-was fairly an accomplishment for a person properly into his 60s. But in 1998, Brown was once more charged with drug possession-this time for marijuana-and was necessary to enter a 90-day drug therapy program. Brown died in December 2006, at age 73.

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