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Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas

On today in 1862, northwestern Arkansas and southwestern Missouriare secured for the Union whenever a force commanded by General James G. Blunt holds off a force of Confederates under General Thomas Hindman at the Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas.

Hindman assembled a force at Fort Smith, Arkansas, to create an make an effort to recapture territory lost throughout the Pea Ridge campaign of early 1862. He planned to cross the Boston Mountains into northwestern Arkansas and Missouri, however the Union Army of the Frontier, commanded by John Schofield, produced a preemptive proceed to Maysville, Arkansas. Schofield had to leave the army because of illness, and Blunt assumed command. When Hindman sent an advance detachment of cavalry below John Marmaduke via the mountains in late November, Blunt moved south and defeated Marmaduke in a engagement at Cane Hill.

After Cane Hill, Hindman moved his 11,000-man army over the Boston Mountains and approached Blunt’s 5,000 troops. Hindman ready to attack, but was shocked by the strategy of Union reinforcements from Missouri. In an individual of the very most dramatic marches of the entire war, Union General Francis Herron had moved 7,000 reinforcements a lot more than 110 miles in three . 5 days. Hindman considered face Herron, but used defensive positions in Prairie Grove. Herron arrived and attacked Hindman on December 7. Herron sent only 1 / 2 of his force to the assault, believing that was only section of Hindman’s force. Outnumbered almost three to an individual, Herron’s attack failed. Hindman ordered a counterattack, nonetheless it was repulsed with heavy loses. Hearing noise from the battle, Blunt moved toward Prairie Grove and attacked Hindman later that day. This, too, failed, as did yet another Confederate counterattack.

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Darkness ended the engagement with the Confederates still holding the bigger ground at Prairie Grove. The battle was a tactical draw but Hindman’s army was operating low on ammunition. Confederate losses amounted to a lot more than 1,400 killed and wounded, despite the fact that the Yankees lost a lot more than 1,200. Hindman retreated back again to Fort Smith, and the spot was secured for the Union.

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