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Potsdam Conference concludes

Potsdam Conference concludes

The final wartime conference of the “Big Three”-the Soviet Union, the United States, and Great Britain-concludes following fourteen days of intense and sometimes acrimonious debate. The conference didn’t settle the majority of the crucial troubles accessible and for that reason helped set the stage for the Cold War that could commence shortly immediately after World War II found a finish.

The meeting at Potsdam was the 3rd conference between your leaders of the Big Three nations. The Soviet Union was represented by Joseph Stalin, Britain by Winston Churchill, and the United States by President Harry S. Truman. This was Truman’s initial Big Three meeting. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who died in April 1945, attended the initial two conferences-in Tehran in 1943 and Yalta in February 1945.

At the Potsdam meeting, probably the most pressing situation was the postwar fate of Germany. The Soviets wanted a unified Germany, however they also insisted that Germany be entirely disarmed. Truman, plus a expanding level of U.S. officials, had deep suspicions about Soviet intentions in Europe. The enormous Soviet army already occupied significantly of Eastern Europe. A solid Germany may well function as only obstacle in the form of Soviet domination of most of Europe. In the final, the Big Three decided to divide Germany into three zones of occupation (an individual for every and every nation), also to defer discussions of German reunification until in the future. The other notable problem at Potsdam was 1 that has been virtually unspoken. Just as he arrived for the conference, Truman was informed that the United States had successfully tested the 1st atomic bomb. Hoping to utilize the weapon as leverage with the Soviets in the postwar planet, Truman casually described to Stalin that America was now in possession of a weapon of monstrously destructive force. The president was disappointed once the Soviet leader merely responded he hoped the United States would utilize it to create the war with Japan to a speedy finish.

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The Potsdam Conference ended on a somber note. By enough time it had been over, Truman had become a good many more convinced he had to look at a difficult policy toward the Soviets. Stalin had arrived at believe much more strongly that the United States and Great Britain have been conspiring contrary to the Soviet Union. As for Churchill, he had not been present for the closing ceremonies. His celebration lost in the elections in England, and he was replaced via the conference by the brand new prime minister midway, Clement Attlee. Potsdam was the final postwar conference of the Big Three.

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