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U.S. 1st Infantry Division withdraws from Vietnam

U.S. 1st Infantry Division withdraws from Vietnam

As element of the 3rd phase of U.S. troop withdrawals announced by President Nixon, the 1st Infantry Division departs Vietnam. One of the very most distinguished units in the U.S. Army, the 1st Infantry Division was organized in May 1917 and served with distinction in both World War I and II. It was deployed to the spot north of Saigon in October 1965, an individual of the original Army infantry divisions to reach in Vietnam. The division contains seven battalions of light infantry and two battalions of mechanized infantry. Other combat components included an armored reconnaissance unit and 4 battalions of artillery.

The methods to Saigon and the border regions between Vietnam and Cambodia have been the main element battlefields for the 1st Infantry Division. It took component in big-scale operations such as for example Operation Junction City (February-May 1967) and the Tet Offensive of 1968. The division also conducted major operations along with South Vietnamese forces in your community. It returned to Fort Riley, Kansas, upon its departure from South Vietnam.

The 1st Infantry Division was awarded the Vietnamese Civil Action Medal and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm. Among other individual awards, its soldiers won 11 Medals of Honor, 67 Distinguished Service Crosses, and 905 Silver Stars for bravery. The division suffered 20,770 soldiers killed or wounded doing his thing, slightly a lot more than the 20,659 casualties the division suffered in World War II.

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