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Mass murderer Wilder commits suicide

Mass murderer Wilder commits suicide

Christopher Wilder dies immediately after a month-long crime spree involving at 11 ladies who’ve disappeared or been killed. Police in New Hampshire attemptedto apprehend Wilder, who was simply on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, but Wilder apparently shot himself to death in a scuffle with state troopers to stay away from capture.

Australian-born Wilder was a wealthy race-car driver who lived within an estate in Boynton Beach, Florida. Authorities think that Wilder started his kidnapping, rape, and murder spree on February 26 when Rosario Gonzales, a component-time model, disappeared. Week later a, on March 5, Elizabeth Kenyon of Coral Gables also disappeared. When an exclusive detective began seeking into Kenyon’s disappearance and interviewed Wilder, he suspected the man’s involvement. However, of police could appear any more in to the matter ahead, Wilder disappeared.

For per month, Wilder traveled in the united states discovering new victims. His typical strategy was to strategy desirable young females in purchasing malls with provides of modeling jobs.

After Wilder’s death, the parents of Rosario Gonzales visited Wilder’s estate to see if their missing daughter was buried there. Police arrested 4 members of the Gonzales family for trespassing. Later, the households of the victims filed claims totaling $50 million against Wilder’s estate.

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