Historic World Events / April / A torture chamber is uncovered by arson
A torture chamber is uncovered by arson

A torture chamber is uncovered by arson

On today in 1834, a fire at the LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana, results in the discovery of a torture chamber where slaves are routinely brutalized by Delphine LaLaurie. Rescuers located a 70-year-old black lady trapped in your kitchen through the fire because of the fact she was chained up despite the fact that LaLaurie was busy saving her furniture. The woman later revealed that she had set the fire within an make an effort to escape LaLaurie’s torture. She led authorities around the attic, where seven slaves have been tied with spiked iron collars.

After Delphine LaLaurie married her third husband, Louis LaLaurie, and moved into his estate on Royal Street, she immediately took control of the variety of slaves used as servants. LaLaurie was a well-known sadist, however the mistreatment of slaves by the wealthy and socially connected had not been a matter for the authorities at that time.

However, in 1833, Delphine chased a modest slave girl with a whip before girl fell off the roof of the house and died. LaLaurie attemptedto hide the incident, but police located your body effectively hidden in a. Authorities made a decision to fine LaLaurie and force the sale of another slaves on the estate.

LaLaurie foiled this plan by secretly arranging on her behalf relatives and good friends to obtain the slaves. She then sneaked them back to the mansion, wherever she continued to torture them before evening of the fire in April 1834.

Apparently her Southern neighbors had some requirements when it found the treatment of slaves, since a mob gathered in protest after learning about LaLaurie’s torture chamber soon. She and her husband fled by boat, leaving the butler (who had also participated in the torture) to handle the wrath of the crowd.

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Although charges have been in no way filed against LaLaurie, her reputation in upper-class society was destroyed. It is believed that she died in Paris in December 1842.

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